“You have a great staff. Very caring willing to help, and with a warm smile to greet you! Such a delight!”
“So nice to be recognized as a worthwhile and notable person who gets hungry everyday. You volunteers are wonderful people. The veterans hospital is so gracious to me. Keep up the good beneficial delivery. Thank you so much for being so superior and sociable to me.”

“I think MOW is a fantastic program. More people need to know about this program.”

“After receiving meals on wheels in another area, I have been more than pleased with the service of MOW here. Please extend my thanks to your partners for the extra food from the children. It is much appreciated and a wonderful surprise.”
“Chicken, Fish and Sloppy Joe meals are my favorite – Keep up the great work!”

“As a caregiver for five years, MOW gives me a break each day. Something I appreciate more as my caregiving becomes harder. Thank you!”

“Relieves the burden of planning and preparing the meals.”

“I am able to eat and learned how to eat portions. It has kept me off insulin shots as I lost over 80 lbs over time.”

“You guys have been a good support over the last year.”

“Along with receiving the meals, it’s so nice to see five different people a week when I can’t get out because of bad weather. It gives me a visitor to look forward to coming. Thank you so much for your service.”

“I am a new recipient and just glad to get this service.”

“These people that bring out meals are so very nice. Been very sick. They make me smile and feel life worth living.”

“I thank God for a community-subsidized program like this. I like the food.”

“Saves time and money spent going to grocery store.”

“I look forward to the interaction with people as sometimes they are the only people I see all day.”

“The delivery staff is polite, courteous, and cheerful. It always brightens my day to see a smiling face in my isolated world. Especially Wednesday s. That ‘bread girl’ is truly a vision of loveliness.”

“The volunteers are special, it’s nice to see them, I look forward to their visits.”

“I love the volunteers that bring the meals, they always stop and talk for a minute. Thank you so much for the food and the ability to have it.”